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Corporate Gifting? Because they’re worth it!

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Corporate Gifting? Because they’re worth it!

Corporate gifting is not just something to think about at Christmas time – although it’s a great place to start! Corporate gifting can refer to either gifting clients or employees, and here at the It Kit, we are ready to help you with both!

There are so many positive reasons for corporate gifting:

  1. Help you to build relationships

Gifting is a great way to build and nurture relationships. First impressions, and ongoing impressions can be the difference between keeping a client and losing them. This connection; once built; needs to be maintained, and surprising and delighting your clients and employees is a great way to continue this. It also provides a great check-in opportunity so they’re not only hearing from you when invoices are due!

  1. Help bridge the physical distance barriers of WFH and build deeper connections

Covid has completely changed the workplace landscape, the value that people put on their time and where this time needs to be spent. WFH is now common practice several days a week in most businesses. Corporate gifting is a great way to build those deeper connections and add a personal touch to clients and employees you may not be having as much ‘face time’ as once before.


  1. Let gift receivers know how valued and appreciated they are

Staff engagement is paramount to any business’ success. If employees feel undervalued, they are much more likely to look elsewhere and not put the dedication into their work as someone who feels valued by their employer. Gifting, (especially personalised gifting) is such a simple way to let people know how appreciated they are by the entire business, not just by their manager.


  1. Aid in creating a positive workplace culture

A great culture is at the top of the list for a lot of jobseekers, and it is also at the top of the list for being the reason people will leave a job. Being valued and appreciated go a long way in creating a positive workplace culture. Rewarding employees, acknowledging a birthday or celebrating a team win with corporate gifting shows an employee that you care about them on an individual level and assists in boosting motivation when they know their work is appreciated. An office full of appreciated employees equals a positive workplace culture!


  1. Create referrals and positive brand exposure

By gifting something personalised and thoughtful, you are showing your clients and employees that you care about the detail, and that kind of positive experience will get talked about! That positive reputation can help to drive sales from customer referrals and repeat business.


  1. Set your business apart from competitors

It is TOUGH out there. With new businesses popping up every day, it’s important to set your business apart from all the rest. Having a reputation for being a caring and thoughtful business, one that places importance on celebrating successes and achievements, (or commiserations) is a business people want to be a part of.

…. just to name a few! Whether it be for one or one thousand, we aim to meet any brief or budget to create the right gift for any occasion. We source products from all over Australia. We can find all those charming, unique and carefully-made things that you don't have the time to find, or that you even knew existed - such are the wonderful inspirational gifts that the It Kit creators have sought out, making them available for you in any number of different and creative ways of packaging. Get in touch with us today and we can start working with you on creating the perfect gift hamper that suits your business needs.


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